Like tumbleweed in space

Episode 03
The Wheel

After summarizing and dividing the loot, the party buries the dead and departs from Tatooine to The Wheel space station, to sell their unwanted items and buy some essentials. The wookies are introduced and Kajaff remarks they will stay under his protection until they will find a suitable place to drop off.

As they jump out of hyperspace, the ship is hit with asteroids and the crew barely navigates through them. They identify a shuttle engaged with two pirate star-fighters between them and the space station. A quick maneuver and extraordinary accurate shot, and the star-fighters are silently floating dead. After boarding and fixing the star-fighters, the party hailed the shuttle and was invited in. Aboard the shuttle they find an archaeologist and trader Bothan, instodcugin himself as Klaxton… and offers them his antique goods. Joe asks him to slice the encrypted datapads they have, to which he agrees.

Aboard the shuttle scattered many artifacts, weapons and space suits from ancient eras. Joe and Kajaff buy two space suits (Modified from Chiss Ascendancy naval formal attire for Joe, and Hundred Years of Darkness Jedi war harness for Kajaff). Kajaff also found among things a Shrines of Kooroo piece, who gave him odd headaches (which he didn’t bought due to high price) and a cargo box with a lightsaber inside (which he bought, although the Bothan warned that there is a dangerous gas inside). The party tried to sell him the star-fighters but to no avail. Klaxton informed them he is not willing to trade in such things, unless they get familiar with the syndicate he is part from, and accept a job from a handler on The Wheel.

After arriving to The Wheel the party was set to sell the star-fighters and the rest of their loot. At the industrial district’s cantina, they meet a Drall who sets a date with the party at their hangar to see the goods. While gesturing to Joe, the Drall plants a data card on him and departs… Police droids are seen following him out of the cantina. Kajaff checks the datacard with his datapad, which presents droid blueprints, but then a malicious program overrides the pad and almost explodes.

Meanwhile, Beckett sets a meeting with Ty’rex’s bounty hunter liaison at the same cantina, and negotiates over the bounties over the EV droid and gangers. They exchange credits and Beckett joins the party as they exit the cantina. In the hanger the deal goes sour as Joe isn’t happy about the prices offered and the cold shoulder, they depart to hang around the station looking for opportunities.

Joe spots a vehicle saloon, where he strikes a deal with some Toydarians, Jax and Geg.
Geg smoothes the deal with Joe in private and alerts him that Timoo has eyes around the station and advises them to leave. Meanwhile, Kajjaf finds a slicer to work on the datacard in the HoloArcade, which urges him to take him off station.

The party meets at the hanger, Joe sells the star-fighters, bikes and some weapons, and the spaceship departs.

Episode 02

The wayfarer lands in a moisture farm, and the party sets out to Mos Shuuta on their landspeeder. At the gates they are stopped by Stormtroopers who check their cargo.
At the main road from the gate is a long line of speeder trucks convoy, seemingly guarded by a swoop gang. As the party waits on hours to enter the city, they send a forward scouting to discover the ganger boss overseeing the transfer of wookie and twi’lek slaves from Teemo’s palace to the convoy.

Kajaff, angered by the sight of his kin enslaved and bartered by Timoo, implores the party to set to free the slaves. The party decides to settle with Timoo first. At the court of the Hutt, the party pleas before Timoo to settle their individual Obligation, while offering him Dobah’s bounty and Dax Norra.

Timoo recognizes “Dobah” as Dingo and refuses the deal… he asks the party to meet him in his private outdoor suite to handle further business. Arriving to the place, the party discovers a strip mine, with a complex at the bottom of it. Alerted by the presence of the swoop gang, they descend down to the complex.

After a crawl through the deserted mining facility, they discover many dead miners and a few droids in bad mechanic state. They are led around by an R5 astromech, until encountering a berserking EV-series supervisor droid who shoots them.

After a sweep of the complex the party meet worker droids escorting bound slaves and gangers out of the mine shaft towards a landing pad. After disposing of them, they discover the ganger boss and Timoo’s majordomo plotting, who attack them after being discovered. Eventually, the majordomo is pinned to a corner and killed after a hard negotiation. At his feet was discovered a bomb, that he was about to seemingly plant in the mine.

The party returns to the ship to discover Dax’s corpse, dead farmers, a torn LOM droid, and an empty cell… Dobah has escaped.

Downtime 1.5
Base of Operations

Beckett played Dejarik with Dax Norra, and updated his hardware and software.

Joe practiced his negotiation.

Kajaff handled maintenance for the ship and speeder.

Episode 01
Formos Spaceport

After escaping out of Tatooine’s orbit, the party is looking to cash their loot, and decide to travel to Formos. While on their way they find out about several bounties, one of them on their heads. Also, a Ortolan prisoner of Ty’rex reveals that he was kidnapped from a spice mine on Ryloth for Timoo. He implores the party to bring him back home to Tatooine.
After arriving at the spaceport’s cantina, their contact… a Rodian named “Dingo” asks the party to escort him to his safe house. Shortly after they are ambushed by a Rodian gang (supposedly from Dingo’s clan).

Dingo is caught alerting “Dobah” to leave the planet with some droid, and the party is set on planning an ambush off world for Dobah, while imprisoning Dingo in their ship cells. Dobah’s modified tie-fighter crashes among a local asteroid belt, and the party rescues his disfigured body and an astromech droid… The droid appears to be an old R2 unit from the clone wars era, belonging to a Republic VIP. The droid implores Beckett to take him back to his master.

As they plot course to Tatooine, a message tells them a blockade has been set on the trade route, and they decided to pilot through an uncharted route for a week.

Episode 00
Mos Shuuta, Tatooine

The party is imprisoned by Timoo in his palace. A riot ensues for unknown reasons, which allows the party to escape. As the Gamorreans set out to pursue them, Beckett rails everyone into the cantina, where a fight breaks out between the party and the Gamorreans.

After robbing the Bith cantina bartender, they make their way through the shanty town on the cliffs, until arriving to a landing bay… to find there a ship worthy of stealing to escape the dust ball. As the fight with the Trandoshan and his droids fades out, the party realizes the Wayfarer shipwas not ready to take off yet…


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