Like tumbleweed in space

Episode 01

Formos Spaceport

After escaping out of Tatooine’s orbit, the party is looking to cash their loot, and decide to travel to Formos. While on their way they find out about several bounties, one of them on their heads. Also, a Ortolan prisoner of Ty’rex reveals that he was kidnapped from a spice mine on Ryloth for Timoo. He implores the party to bring him back home to Tatooine.
After arriving at the spaceport’s cantina, their contact… a Rodian named “Dingo” asks the party to escort him to his safe house. Shortly after they are ambushed by a Rodian gang (supposedly from Dingo’s clan).

Dingo is caught alerting “Dobah” to leave the planet with some droid, and the party is set on planning an ambush off world for Dobah, while imprisoning Dingo in their ship cells. Dobah’s modified tie-fighter crashes among a local asteroid belt, and the party rescues his disfigured body and an astromech droid… The droid appears to be an old R2 unit from the clone wars era, belonging to a Republic VIP. The droid implores Beckett to take him back to his master.

As they plot course to Tatooine, a message tells them a blockade has been set on the trade route, and they decided to pilot through an uncharted route for a week.



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