Like tumbleweed in space

Episode 02


The wayfarer lands in a moisture farm, and the party sets out to Mos Shuuta on their landspeeder. At the gates they are stopped by Stormtroopers who check their cargo.
At the main road from the gate is a long line of speeder trucks convoy, seemingly guarded by a swoop gang. As the party waits on hours to enter the city, they send a forward scouting to discover the ganger boss overseeing the transfer of wookie and twi’lek slaves from Teemo’s palace to the convoy.

Kajaff, angered by the sight of his kin enslaved and bartered by Timoo, implores the party to set to free the slaves. The party decides to settle with Timoo first. At the court of the Hutt, the party pleas before Timoo to settle their individual Obligation, while offering him Dobah’s bounty and Dax Norra.

Timoo recognizes “Dobah” as Dingo and refuses the deal… he asks the party to meet him in his private outdoor suite to handle further business. Arriving to the place, the party discovers a strip mine, with a complex at the bottom of it. Alerted by the presence of the swoop gang, they descend down to the complex.

After a crawl through the deserted mining facility, they discover many dead miners and a few droids in bad mechanic state. They are led around by an R5 astromech, until encountering a berserking EV-series supervisor droid who shoots them.

After a sweep of the complex the party meet worker droids escorting bound slaves and gangers out of the mine shaft towards a landing pad. After disposing of them, they discover the ganger boss and Timoo’s majordomo plotting, who attack them after being discovered. Eventually, the majordomo is pinned to a corner and killed after a hard negotiation. At his feet was discovered a bomb, that he was about to seemingly plant in the mine.

The party returns to the ship to discover Dax’s corpse, dead farmers, a torn LOM droid, and an empty cell… Dobah has escaped.



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