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Joe Saamack, Human ace pilot from Corellia, working hard to pay for his children’s freedom, who are currently enslaved in Timmo The Hutt’s service.

“Rancor” Beckett, Wanted Hunter-Killer droid who usurped his owner, a bounty hunter, and took his identity. Former Beckett worked for Timmo.

Kajaff Ghar, Wookie mechanic working for the extended underworld circles of Kessel & Arkanis Sectors. Sent by Timmo to fetch former Beckett, and sabotaged his HK droid.

Fehbs’uixh’rgji (Fehb’), defector from the Chiss empire, who claims he was sent to scout for new worlds outside his known universe. Was trapped in the nebula near Cholganna, and was rescued by the party.

Home Page

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